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— We Practice Design Build Construction —

Design Build Construction is a building process that promotes the teamwork concept. The client is involved in conceptualizing the project and has the benefit of the general contractors industry experience. This experience helps the development team stay within budget, maximize project potential and reduce project schedule. Design build makes financial sense.

Single Point of Responsibility

Design/Build offers the Owner a single point of responsibility for the successful completion of the project and fosters a mutually beneficial relationship between the Owner and builder. The significance of this relationship to the Owner is that the design/build contractor is involved in the details of the project from the time the Owner brings to the contractor an idea of what is wanted and/or needed.


This teamwork toward common goals results in better communication between the design/build contractor and the Owner. The Owner has the opportunity to draw upon the experience and expertise of the design/build contractor to refine plans and details prior to the start of construction, thus eliminating, or at least, greatly reducing, any “surprises” during the course of the project.

Saves Time & Construction Costs

The valuable “up front” time spent in discussions between the design/build contractor and the Owner to determine what is wanted, versus what is needed, yields decisions which will result in better plans, better planning, better scheduling and better (more accurate) pricing. This alignment of goals between the Owner and the design/build contractor helps make the process more efficient, not only in terms of time, but also in cost control.

Promotes Greater Cooperation

An atmosphere of trust is earned as a result of the give and take of ideas during the design phase, with each participant (Owner, designer, contractor) working toward common goals to produce what the Owner wants within whatever budget constraints may be in place.

Reduces Risks of Disputes

By having the responsibility for the coordination of the design, and through continual communication with the Owner, the contractor will be more aware of the Owner’s wants, needs, and expectations for the satisfactory completion of the project. Owners will be constantly aware of what the builder is doing and why. This means that both parties know, with few exceptions, what the project will require from the start. Therefore, points of dispute are greatly reduced.

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